About Us

I chose my materials as an artisan of old. Following traditional rules of form and function to produce a piece that is as beautiful and as comfortable as and old friend.

MONTANAMILAN, The uniqueness of my daughters’ names reflects the philosophy of my designs; like the simplicity in the big sky state of Montana, and the legendary beauty of Milan. 

The Mind Behind The Brand

When I was a young design student at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York, I fell in love with the idea of creating children’s garments. Reconditioning a need in the industry, I envision creating timeless, classic, and non-commercial children’s garments inspired by the color, adventure, and playfulness of childhood.

Being in a successful marriage, the work within my own family has taught me that the limits of your imagination are the limits of your dreams. In the mist of my busy family life, as a wife and a mother of three, I am immersed in my children’s education, while still squeezing in time to write a book with my youngest son. My family is now in a place where I am comfortable in pickup up my own vision⎯and so the adventure of Montana Milan has begun.

What has started out as a passion for design has become an engaging and wonderful journey. I truly hope that by sharing my joy, your young ones will sing in the rain, smile with the sun, and enjoy being a child.


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